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Identify what is currently being done in the account, as well as where the best results are occurring and where experimentation events have not been developed.


Conduct an analysis of the account structures, media, campaigns, objectives, keywords, dates, among other actors involved in Viajes Falabella’s campaigns.


  • Identify best results to try to determine the practices we should replicate in the coming years.
  • Identify mistakes to avoid making them in future campaigns. 
  • Establish the most relevant KPIs for each media and digital objective.


Generate Preference, Consideration and Purchase of Viajes Falabella’s products and services through the integration of the brand’s digital assets.



Seeks to impact the brand’s hottest audiences and/or users in order to achieve a conversion from the brand’s different sales media.


Seeks to impact users and/or new audiences that can become or retain loyalty as new brand advocates and/or buyers.


Seeks to impact users and/or customers with valuable content, educating the audience in favor of the brand, with the objective of building customer loyalty.


Seeks to impact users and/or customers with relevant content for each of the branches and/or cities where the brand is present.

Media Scalability


Fully measurable media, which do not involve a high level of complexity, contribute directly to the brand’s objectives and are the basis for constant and dynamic results in a digital performance strategy.


Media that complement and increase the performance of digital initiatives, are platforms with a slightly higher level of complexity and that involve not only improving results but also finding unexplored alternatives for the brand: artificial intelligence – dynamic ads – micro influence platforms

Google Ads

Focused as the backbone of the brand’s paid strategy, Google Ads is the channel with the main flow of investment and thus the channel with the best conversion performance, being SEM the means for the development of the brand’s paid strategy and the pillar of digital sales.

Medias – SEM – GDN – YT


  • Traffic Web
  • Conversion
  • Trueview
  • Reach

Social Ads

Main part of the brand’s paid media strategy and the main pillar of Viajes Falabella’s brand awareness discovery environment, focused mainly on engagement, reach and traffic campaigns.

Medias – FB + IG


  • Traffic Web
  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Leads

Other Media

Main part of the brand’s paid media strategy and the main pillar of Viajes Falabella’s brand awareness discovery environment, focused mainly on engagement, reach and traffic campaigns.

Media – Mobile Ads – Programmatic – On Native


  • Traffic Web
  • Reach
  • Traffic Store

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