Our awards as | Yes Sir Agency

More than recognition, they’re a certification of our effort and experience. 

For more than nine years, our work has been recognized and awarded by different awards such as Interlat, Everis, P&M Magazine and more. Here are some of them.


P&M Magazine

  • 3rd place in the Best Digital Marketing Agency category.

P&M Magazine

  • Women to watch 2020
  • 1st place in the Best Digital Marketing Agency category
  • 1st place in the Best Ecommerce Strategy category
  • 3rd place in the Best Digital Tourism Strategy category.
  • 4th place in the category Best campaign on YouTube
  • Awards for Best Innovation and Creativity in Electronic Commerce.
  • 2nd place in Best 360 digital strategy
  • 3rd place in Best Twitter Trending Strategy.
  • 4th place in Best E-commerce Strategy.
  • Award for the best page for a promotion. Client: Pilsen Beer – Pilsen Flower Fair Campaign.
  • 2nd place in the Best Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategy category.
  • 2nd place in the category of Best Comprehensive Lead Generation Strategy in Latin America.

Our awards

Our effort, creativity, good energy and dedication has led us to receive recognition as an agency in different awards, get to know them in detail.

Effie Colombia Awards
#LatamDigital Awards
Everis Awards
P&M Top 10 Awards


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The Social Opportunity

Today, there are over 3.7 billion users on social media.

324 million of these are in Latin America and typical users in the region spend an average of three hours and 32 minutes per day browsing various platforms, making them a great susceptible audience for brands looking to access potential clients…

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