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Duquesa Digital Proposal


  • What do we want?

  • Where are we?

  • Where are we going?

What we want



Position our brand by delivering a clear differential value to our consumer, achieving entry into more colombian households (B2C) and reaching bakers directly without intermediaries in order to become an strategic ally (B2B)

Where are we?

Digital ecosystem analysis competitive landscape.


La Fina

Website Performance | La Fina


  • La Fina is a product of Grasco; however, it is not highlighted to a large extent, there is only a logo attached at the bottom of the landing page.

  • They have a B2C communication, no communication linked to large chains is identified; however, there is a form to leave information and contact.

  • When entering to La Fina website we find that there is an error on the Home, hence its first website is related with La Fina Mesa showing its two products.

  • A Customer Journey is not clearly identified On La Fina website, as this can be usually seen on the home.

  • They have a section that makes the landing attractive, especially to those curious clients who are looking for cooking recipes. It is a perfect opportunity to show your product.

  • There are no actions focused towards the sale, only content branding.


SEO | La Fina


  • We found 5 actions on the menu: home, products, Fina kitchen, Fina table and contact. Home is the only non-working option.

  • The site has an acceptable score of 5.7 seconds when the user is present.

  • We found that 40% of the organic traffic concerning La Fina is related to the headquarters, Grasco.

  • They do not have redirect and have a 401 error.

  • They have zero broken links and do not have an answer page to 404 errors.

  • They have a preparations section and recipes within the website. 

  • Information was not decisive within the tools used, as there is no information available.


SEO | La Fina


When running the website within Woorank we found that no results were returned, this is due to the website having problems with the 301 redirection.

The website of Grasco has a 404 error when entering. When searching the company we found that its positioning on an SEO level is low.


SEO | La Fina


    • La Fina 590 Vol/Month

    • La fina margarina 590 Vol/Month

    • Mantequilla la fina 590 Vol/Month

    • Margarina la fina 590 Vol/Month

    • Grasco ltda 390 Vol/Month

    • La fina mantequilla 70 Vol/Month

    • margarina la fina grasco 20 Vol/Mes


  • It is estimated that the monthly traffic is 282 people, we found a reactivation in the last 5 months. 

  • La Fina has 83 organic SEO positioning words.

  • Within the 6 words positioned for the brand, it is estimated that an average of 340 monthly searches are received.


Social Media | La Fina


  • Social Media: Facebook 35.561, YouTube 89 / LinkedIn -.

  • Advantage: They carry out branding and their product is highlighted with various moments of use. Nonetheless, a great variety of content axes are not displayed. Their graphic line is defined. They perform audiovisual content with recipes.

  • Disadvantage: Its last publication was in 2019, which means it is not updated. An Instagram page is not identified.

  • Who is it addressed to: It is directed to the end user, no communication with large chains is identified.

  • How do they capture leads: They do not have CTA’s nor they call to action to make a purchase, it is purely branding. 


La Fina Analysis


To highlight

  • The content that highlights the benefits of the product and the different ways of use.

To improve

  • The user experience on the website, update content and contact channels.

To transform

  • Social media that have been abandoned since last year.



Website Performance | Rama


  • The website of Rama does brand branding “DESDE 1973 SIENDO PARTE DE COLOMBIA” highlighting history.

  • It is identified that on the home page they highlight their product with a great video, where the details of the process are shown. 

  • After entering the website, it presents navigational problems when opening another section. 

  • It is important to highlight that they have a commercial alliance with Exito, since they do not have e-commerce but you can make online purchases through the platform of this large chain. 

  • They have a section that helps with organic positioning with tips and advice “para tus hijos” “Para Navidad” and “Disfrutar en familia”, and they also display all the content for recipes.

  • The Consumer journey is clear, since there is a proposed order by branch, where the value content is more exposed than the products themselves.


SEO | Rama


  • Rama has 7 actions within the website, these are: Easy Recipes, Tips & Advices, Products, Recipes, About Rama, Contact us and Buy Online.

  • It has analytical tools such as: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and New Relic. 

  • The website presents problems in terms of indexing speed in time (11.5) and in web weight (8,23 MB). 

  • One of the main problems within the site is the loading time and the size of images.

  • The H1 of the site is Rama.

  • On a user experience level it is 86% friendly.


SEO | Rama


  • The review of the website through Woorank allows us to determine that the performance of the site is affected by the following errors:

    • Schema.org

    • Twitter Card

    • DMARC

    • Resource minification.

    • Resource and cache compression. 

    • Social media statement.

  • The performance of the site is low, which is why it is located in the ranking of the region at: 6,999,855.

  • The main words within the brand search are related to the preparation ideas they present.


SEO | Rama




    • brazo de reina 875 Vol/Month

    • torta maria luisa 428 Vol/Month

    • mantequilla rama 395 Vol/Month

    • rama mantequilla 395 Vol/Month

    • chipi chipi 356 Vol/Month

    • maria luisa torta 237 Vol/Month

    • carimañola 195 Vol/Month

    • brazo de reina 138 Vol/Month


  • In the internal positioning of the website we found that the words are the preparations.

  • We found that the search reactivation for the brand was in November. 

  • The positioning due to brand recognition is of third impor