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Boltronic came to Yes Sir Agency looking for a way to communicate its services to the United States and collect information from potential clients. For this, we decided to create a one-page focused on its lines of business, backed by customer testimonials.


  • Create a one-page/landing page in English. 
  • Consistency with the brand’s visual identity and current website.
  • Keyword positioning related to its services.
  • Adaptability to devices and screens.


Boltronic is an automation company located in Mexico and specialized in research, development, manufacturing, and machinery automation. This is reflected on its current website, in Spanish, and focused on the Mexican audience.

For this new project, they aimed to position their three service lines and understand what the American audience needs and how they find it on search engines.

This finding would allow us to create valuable content according to their preferences, as well as a design and development optimized not only for the user but also for the client.

To meet Boltronic’s expectations, we gathered our UX/UI, UX Writing, and Web Development teams to make it possible. And here we tell you the tasks and objectives of each:

  • UX/UI: Our expert designers in User Experience and User Interface worked on creating an intuitive page structure and visual design that is easy to use and guides users towards the desired goal, in this case, lead generation. 

Of course, all of this is done based on the brand manual, which usually includes values, tone of voice, and visual elements to clearly communicate the value proposition and differentiation.

  • UX Writing: For the UX Writing area, everything starts when the goal for creating the website is clear. As mentioned earlier, this one-page aims for data collection. For this reason, the main message is to show the brand’s experience and capability, accompanied by calls to action to request quotes and register. 

Keywords related to the industry were strategically incorporated into the page’s content, including titles, subtitles, main text, and meta tags to address possible doubts, search motives, and needs.

  • Web Development: Our team of engineering experts created this page in sections or modules within the HubSpot CMS, which is designed to facilitate maintenance and updates for the end client, especially if they have no coding experience.

Web developers not only worked on the site itself but also created the 404 and Thank You Page, also known as informative pages, which are intended to improve user navigation, reinforce the brand, encourage engagement, and measure conversion success.

It is important to note that at Yes Sir Agency, we conclude some of our projects with CMS training, which includes recommendations and uses of modules, allowing our clients to update their website, content, and services without incurring extra costs and giving them total ownership of their digital asset.

Final Outcome

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