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At Yes Sir we stand out in marketing automation as the foundation of good communication and for the generation of purchase, repurchase, use and conditional use flows to define audiences, we also generate recognition, consideration, action and the viralization of an idea, product or service, without losing each lead captured. In addition to this, we accompany the strategy from optimal guidelines to lower customer acquisition and maintenance rates, generating SEO-based digital assets that improve brand positioning.


Through automation, clients can develop marketing processes with the help of tools to perform tasks automatically during the execution of campaigns where it is necessary to have contact with the client.


When a user subscribes to a newsletter or makes an online purchase, it is necessary for companies to reconfirm this action not only to provide personalized attention, but also to generate engagement and achieve customer actions.

Some of the key moments when it is important to send an email are

  • Welcome autoresponder
  • Autoresponder for information
  • Autoresponder to redirect traffic
  • Autoresponder to incite action.

All these actions are necessary to generate a strategy based on lead acquisition and loyalty that can bring benefits in the future.

Warming Or 2Warming

IP warming is a practice based on gradually increasing the volume of an email sent with an IP address on a predetermined schedule, this process helps to establish a reputation with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) as legitimate senders of an email.

When an ISP notices that an email is coming from a new or “cold” IP address, it will identify it and begin to evaluate the traffic coming from it, giving mail providers the opportunity to analyze their sending habits and record how their recipients interact with their mail.

There are 2 ways to warm an IP, if your dedicated IP is relatively new you have to warm it manually, but if you are adding new dedicated IPs to existing warm IPs, it is possible to automatically warm the IP with the UI or API.

A gradual IP warming does not always guarantee a perfect sending reputation, it is important to keep sending best practices.

Some of the key times when it is important to do a warming or double warming:

  • A new url
  • New campaign
  • Change of emailing system
  • Determine the best launch time and day

Mailing | Productos

Emailing or email marketing is a tool with which mass emails are sent to a list of contacts in order to advertise or communicate different messages.

The goal is to reach customers with personalized and close messages, as they can generate greater recall than an advertisement in networks, a banner or a post.

For us it is the minimum viable in an automation tactic:

  • We use it as a 1:1 strategy
  • We use it as an engagement tactic
  • We use it as a job certification
  • We use it as a nurture tactic


We create strategies to help our clients achieve their goals by generating content and digital experiences to anchor their audiences, increasing brand reputation and positioning them in the market.

We achieve this by developing strategic concepts to spread and empower brands in the digital community, defining and achieving clear objectives and measurable results.

UX Writing for social media communities – Brand Narratives

Personal Branding - B2B B2C

To define what personal branding is, we like to depart from Wikipedia’s definition, so we define it as “the mark we leave on people”; it is the way you are perceived by others.

A great quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon points out that a personal brand is what people say about you when you are not there. Personal branding is about managing your name even if you don’t have a business.

Ebook - Content Infoproducts

An ebook is a book in digital format that is offered to users for free or for a fee through downloads, with the objective of providing detailed content on a topic of interest to them. It is a good way to convert users into leads.

Social Media B2C

We develop strategic concepts to spread and empower brands in the digital community, defining and achieving clear objectives and measurable results.

We create strategies to help our clients achieve their business and sales goals, generating content and digital experiences that strengthen audiences, increasing the brand’s online reputation.

Expert B2B spokesperson

The positioning from the expert spokesperson is important in an organization, since the use of social networks allows the demonstration of knowledge through content deliverables, this in order to acquire customers or sustain them with peaks of innovation ideas of what happens in the company.

In this sense, the spokesperson becomes a key and decisive element to maintain and boost the reputation and image of any company, acquire customers and face eventual crises.

Social Listening

On a monthly basis, we report where and how our brand is being talked about in order to detect errors, shortcomings and weaknesses, improve campaign actions and act quickly in times of crisis. The reports will help us measure the results of our strategies and validate the achievement of the established goals.



Creation of communication, positioning, customer acquisition and retention strategies with a special focus on customer experience. We take off the brand’s hat to start from the understanding of the market, the category and its consumer, strengthening the communication roles and the construction of a coherent and efficient ecosystem of connection.


Development of customized creative solutions, almost always hand in hand with the work of the strategic area, we offer alternative and disruptive communication proposals that make sense to the brands and are aligned to their objectives. We are not creativity for its own sake, we believe in creativity as an effective enhancer of an established and solid strategy.

Through digital advertising and different online advertising tactics, we generate the optimization of digital channels so that the different messages reach the right people at the right time, always seeking to maximize the ROI of our clients.

Through our advertising strategies, we create links through targeted and optimized ads that will differentiate the brand over competitors.

Advertising | Paid Media

We take care of optimizing online channels so that the right message arrives at the right time and to the right people, seeking to maximize the ROI of our clients through ads that differentiate the brand over competitors.

We work with information analysis matrices to review the guideline according to the investment and the return on investment on the product, also, we divide the media plan on product, media, investment, return on objective and optimization.

First-party data

First-party data is a company’s own data on users who have had contact with the brand, collected from campaigns, forms, monitoring tools, social networks, surveys, among other commercial techniques.

This information includes data on customers’ tastes, their behavior with the brand, among others.


Through the collection of data in different digital assets we analyze the information and extract valuable insights for decision making in your business.

Web engineering

We develop websites with UX/UI methodology, SEO positioning and web development, advising our clients from the creation of the visual concept, to the development and maintenance of the website.

We focus the design and structure of the website to measurable results, looking for the use of information architecture to facilitate the navigability and positioning through SEO.


The “minisite” or “weblet” are individual pages that function as an auxiliary web of a primary site, offering specific information in a usable, clear and user-friendly way, with the objective of generating a direct communication.

Microsites are often used for commercial or marketing purposes with content that provides detailed information on certain topics that are not included in the company’s general content page.

SEO by matching and intentions

Generating a methodology of SEO creation, based on KPIs of needs per word or cost in SEM, enables search engine positioning and helps the matching and relevance of SEM strategies.

Search intent is known as the objective for which the user performs a search on the network, that is, the reason why, so making efforts in this aspect is essential for brand recognition.

MVP Web development

We develop corporate and promotional web pages and digital sales simulators, we focus the design and structure of the website on measurable results, seeking that through the use of architecture the path of navigability is facilitated.

We are experts in Landing Pages and Full Pages web development, front-end and back-end development, online shopping channel management, website analysis and usability, and more.

Landing page

A Landing page is a page within a website, developed with the aim of converting visitors into Leads through calls to action determined, has a simpler design than the main site with basic information about the offer to be offered, plus a form to perform the conversion.

Software development

Our software development service provides solutions to customer needs based on knowledge of their business and processes, integrating solutions that provide support to users.


We design ecommerce platforms for companies that want to optimize their product sales processes through an online store, through the structuring of simple and intuitive navigation flows to facilitate the purchase process and increase sales on their websites.


We develop strategic concepts to spread and empower brands in the digital community, defining and achieving clear objectives and measurable results.

We create strategies to help our clients achieve their business and sales goals, generating content and digital experiences that engage audiences, increasing the brand’s online reputation.

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