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UX-UI Design

We work on a methodology that allows rapid prototyping and validation of ideas with end users, in order to define the roadmap of a product in 5 different phases, from development to validation. Proposing in this way, a way of working that allows to speed up the process and understand the behavior of the client.

What we do?

These are some of the products that we develop in the area, we will tell you in detail how we do it, our processes and more.

UI (User Interface Design)

We design user-friendly interfaces, allowing them to interact effectively with a web platform. We give a “Look and feel” or visual to the products by adding structure and interaction of the interface elements.

UX (User Experience Design)

We create digital products that meet the needs of end customers through the development of systems designed for the interaction of users based on parameters such as ease of use, perceived value, utility, efficiency when performing tasks and more.


Align and organize ideas and information in such a way that the entire team is clear about the product to be developed. The development of software of this complexity represents a joint effort between the client and the agency. It is suggested to empower a project leader who is available, who knows the scope, objectives and helps to improve times. In this stage, the questions that are generated with respect to the users, the product and the market or need that is sought to be solved are answered. If we already have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or previous research, we start from there to continue the process. What is the need that we are going to solve? Who is the product for? What is the app/web expected to do? What do users expect? What are the objectives of the company/client?, etc.

Information architecture

This stage consists of organizing the content and defining what will be the possible navigation of the user through the website or application. The information to be included or eliminated is selected, it is decided how it can be structured so that it is understood, that the user does not get lost thanks to the intuitive navigation design, so that they can find the information and access routes

Wireframes / UX

Having the information organized and detailed, versions of the different screens that the application will include are made, without the graphic parameters of the brand. These screens are created under the Material Design methodology, which meets current navigation and design standards. Likewise, we make sure that the mobile version has a correct UX. Thus, the first navigable prototype is obtained, with which the first tests with users can be carried out and inconsistencies can be identified and resolved.

Material design

Material is an open source design system that helps teams create high-quality digital experiences. Design guide and code.


With the first prototype, it will be possible to obtain the first results on the functionality of the product, to finish later with the interface design. In order to know the navigability of the software, we built a version of the Mockups in Adobe XD. This allows you to navigate all the screens and usability flows. Once this deliverable has final approval, the real scope and estimate of the Software development can be known. Finally, we use the brand manual and the guidelines defined in it to define the colors, fonts, button functions and visual effects in general to achieve the final product according to the brand’s communication tones.

Effectiveness analysis

Through the tools, we measure the KPIs obtained periodically and compare them with the proposed KPIs. Through the automation platform, a comparison is made of the interaction of the leads with the shots made. Based on the conversion behaviors observed, the effectiveness of the flows is determined based on the established rates. From the hypothesizing, we experimented with a change in sending frequency, looking for a positive impact on opens and CTR.

Conversion Centered

It is defined as the simple shots of email marketing campaigns, these shots are made according to the defined schedule and the editorial line developed to encourage greater engagement.

What do you receive when contracting the services of this area?

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Information architecture
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Heuristic analysis
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Style guides
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Low fidelity wireframe
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Hi-Fi wireframe
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Case Studies

Case Studies

Easy Cencosud | Multinational Retail Company

We take care of increasing the positioning of this brand in the retail market, resulting in a greater number of new followers and improving customer service as well as the experience with the products.

Case Studies

Seguros Falabella | Insurance Company

We created a strategic plan that would allow the brand to adapt to the arrival of the pandemic, transform its way of operating and the way it connects with its customers. Learn about some of the insights and studies carried out to face the new normality and boost business metrics in the digital world.

Case Studies

Viajes Falabella | Travel Agency

We carry out a general analysis of the account, such as its media, objectives, keywords, dates, among other factors involved in the campaigns to identify errors, actions that generated better results, and practices to replicate.

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