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What did we do?

By understanding the digital landscape and the new consumer demands with a new reality and new ways of earning income, we developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) — Tu Diario Asegurado (TDA) — which adapts to the new reality and digitalization of the Colombian market.

The vision of the TDA project is to digitalize the way of acquiring insurance in a safe, innovative and automated way, positioning Colmena Seguros within the colombian market as an insurance company that innovates and is committed to digitalization, understanding the landscape and the new demands of the colombian consumer.


Strategic approach

  • Brief

  • General objectives

  • Specific objectives

  • Audience matrix

  • Challenges


  • Strategic approach

  • Tactics

  • Creative proposal

  • Tactical drops


  • Results forecast

  • Conclusions

Strategic approach

By understanding the consumer evolution and purchase habits in the segment of informal workers, app partners and informal employees who earn between 2-4 current legal minimum monthly salaries, we will develop an integral innovative digital strategy that conveys the values of COLMENA with its product Tu Diario Asegurado (TDA) in each digital asset and enhance its positioning in the colombian market achieving the acquisition and retention of clients.

General Objective

Develop a launch campaign that allows us to communicate and iterate the benefits of the Tu Diario Asegurado (TDA) insurance among the informal workers, app partners and informal employees with family income between 2 and 4 current legal minimum monthly salaries achieving 850 effective sales in the month of launch.

Proposing solutions before the adversities without suffering as a product, which no one worries about today and to which they are exposed. Through an insurance that thinks in those needs of the casual working ordinary colombian.

Seeking under close communication to be allies in each of those accidents and unforeseen work events that arise.

Specific Objectives

  • Product knowledge: Increase the product positioning from the Top of the Funnel (TOFU) through an educational process that will be implemented within the digital content strategy with an increase in the monthly reach of 25% and monthly engagement of 15%.

  • MVP use: Promote the use of the MVP within the established audiences and Buyer Personas with a monthly sales goal of 850.

  • Target: Connect with our target audience, increasing digital interactions KPIs and consideration within the implemented digital content strategy with interaction rates of 3%.

  • Business model with Marketing: Validate the effectiveness of the business model within the digital ecosystem through inbound and outbound tactics to implement within the strategy.

    Complementary objectives


    • Connect to those moments where the user understands the need to make more than an expense, an investment around their daily income.

    • Develop a communication that connects with a consumer that is increasingly demanding of the content it consumes and the brand they follow.

    • Achieve an adequate personalized segmentation according to the target audience to generate communication aligned with interests.

    • Correctly segment the audience.


    • Achieve the implementation of digital tactics that improve the user experience in customer service and support.

    • Digitalize clients in the acquisition of Tu Diario Asegurado (TDA)

    • Develop 100% online sales

    • Implement Marketing product fit iterations.

    • Generate quality content that generates traffic to the website in the digital channels of the brand.

    • Take into account Colombian consumer trends to highlight the benefit of Tu Diario Asegurado (TDA) during the uncertainty generated by an accident, unforeseen event or tragic work event.

    • Use search engine data to develop content taking into account the keywords used by the consumers and do REAL-TIME MARKETING.

    • Generate disruptive, educational and innovative content to differentiate from the competition and the category, generating value connections with the target audience and our segment.

Audience matrix


Audience understanding

To be able to connect emotionally with our ideal client, it is necessary to have an understanding under the following pillars


We cluster the Buyer Personas into the following profiles to build a communication strategy with personalized messages for each one, but that share something in common: the same need.

Don José, an independent baker, gets up early everyday to prepare bread and desserts in the store he owns. He is the head of the household and recently had an accident when he was arriving at work; unfortunately he fell when crossing the street and broke his ankle, for which he was put on disability for a few weeks.

In addition to being a regrettable situation for his work, since it prevents him from carrying out his activities, it is also for his family because he is worried about not being able to provide daily for his home.

Don José does not know that there are options for him to have his daily income ensured and these concerns worry him.

Colmena and ´Tu diario asegurado´ are excellent options for cases like Don Jose’s, where an unforeseen event is limiting him from fulfilling his responsibilities.



  • Connect with the audience: The consumer has become increasingly demanding with what they consume, the brands they follow and the services they use. As a service, it will be challenging to break the mold to generate traction.

  • Saturated category: Because it is a stuffy category, consumers have lost value connection towards these types of services.

  • MVP use: Because it is a low-income segment, the use of the platform will be an important challenge that we must face through education. 

  • Product sale: Selling the product will be an important challenge, understanding the technological gaps some users may have.

  • Audiences: Connect with a saturated audience in the digital ecosystem with information from different brands and services.

  • Acquisition: Achieve user acquisition in areas with low internet penetration and technology use.

  • Digitalization: Achieving digital commercial closures will be a challenge immersed within the audience, since they require an education stage to understand the MVP

  • Policy issuance: Generating product education to successfully achieve the issuance of policies at the digital point.