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Annual strategy

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What we did?


What is the brand looking for?

  • Manage to bring 5.500 potential clients to the Dentisalud clinics monthly.
  • Increase the brand recall.


  • A similar category in communication terms

Territories, tone and communication messages that do not allow a clear differentiation among the competitors.

  • Dependants on Retail

The category bases its communication in promotion and price as the main hook to convince the consumer

  • Paid advertisement

A Fundamental element to achieve the proposed objective, specially performance

  • Inbound strategy from HubSpot

CRM, Content, social networks, television


Make our digital ecosystem a persuasion network that takes prospects, from interested parties to clients

Dentisalud is the best option in the market to take care of your oral health

A category that broke the relation between health and beauty that taught people that only looking good matters


Health, our workhorse

The concept of “health” has been left aside within the communication both in tone as in visual aids

Linking Health and Aesthetics

  • Everyone talks about “aesthetics”, about looking good, but never about health procedures
  • We need to link these two concepts, so that  we will achieve a communication territory that sets us apart: A beautiful smile is the result of good oral health.
  • Proximity: We are retail, but we must get close to people, show a more human side, worry about their health and physical appearance

Who are we going to persuade?

Each Buyer Persona has a different driver, based on this understanding and insights we will generate content tactics designed for the following profiles to maximize the user acquisition.


A divorced woman with two children of 8 and 10 years, socio economic stratum 3, an empowered woman, obliging, kind and independent. She is in charge of supporting her children, she studies accounting at night and works during the day while her parents help her take care of her children and she supplements her income with catalog sales.

She wants to graduate to improve her work and salary opportunities. Although she knows she must take care of her smile, a bad experience in a dental office caused her to lose a tooth and she feels distrust. Her children need orthodontics but her Health Care Provider does not cover it which is why she has not given priority.


He is a computer technician, who studied a technical career with effort and is working as IT support in an SME. He is married and has a small son, and in his spare time he seeks other income through other activities. He has neglected his oral health and knows that he needs to gradually fix his mouth because that improves his self esteem and opens new doors for him.


Martha is a woman who has always been a housewife, she just became a widow and receives the pension that belonged to her husband, she also has some savings and rents a business where her home garage used to be. She helps her daughter who is a single mother and lives with her and her grandson whom she adores and assumes with a son. She knows that she needs to change her dental prosthesis but she postpones it to please her grandson who also requires orthodontic treatment and she will help her daughter to pay for it.

From four strategic pillars

Communication territory

From the union of health and aesthetics, develop our territory and tone of communication, thus achieving differentiation within the category.

Reinforcement of the digital ecosystem

From SEO, paid advertising and automation, amplify our commercial offer to reach the objective of 5.500 monthly patients.


Generation and exploration of new value content for audiences giving reasons why Dentisalud is the best option within the category, reinforcing and materializing our persuasion strategy.

Implementation of guerrilla tactics

We are going to gain credibility before the competition by making use of branded content and guerrilla tactics.

A strategy with two fundamental fronts

Paid advertising

How from SEO, paid advertising, automation and influence, we achieve a spectrum of reach that is wide enough to achieve the proposed goals


How from a look and feel, a communication tone, a little-explored territory within the category and a blunt message we manage to persuade the impacted audience that we are the best option.



Digital paid advertising

Digital paid advertising allows us to amplify the message of the brand from the different paid media during user navigation.

How we plan to develop the Brief problem, media approach

General Objective

Develop a media strategy that allows us to reach the target audience of the brand, connecting  with potential clients and encouraging them to take the service.

Specific Objectives

  • Extend during the campaign period the reach and recognition of the brand of the target audiences.
  • Increase the number of visits to the website and landing pages of the brand from the reach of paid media.
  • Build and identify personalized audiences from the different touch points of the brand with paid media to build in-depth audience strategies.
  • Encourage the registration of potential clients of the brand and products through different points of contact of the audience with paid media.

How will we reach users?

Audience tactics

Audience flow

Consists in the technique of identifying the type of audience that should be used in the different moments of the funnel, from interest audiences, similar audiences and personalized audiences.

Audience layering

It consists in the technique of narrowing down the audiences according to their behavior to avoid overlapping and/or impacting the same audiences at different times.

Staggered Remarketing

It consists in the technique of taking the potential user through the different stages of the conversion funnel until the final stage of conversion.

*We clarify that in addition to the captured audiences by the actions proposed on our side, it would be also ideal and the best way to complement the strategy to be able to use the audiences captured in previous campaigns, with that we improve the impact of the campaigns with the global audience of the brand


It consists in impacting audiences in a specific radius around a physical point of relevance.


It is about impacting people in specific hours and days, chosen based on performance insights or with the purpose of complementing other marketing actions.



  • Paid advertising will help us expand and accelerate the reach of the message of the brand in the target audience.
  • From the different paid media we will bring the target audience closer to the digital assets of the brand increasing the knowledge and positioning of the product and the brand.
  • Paid advertising will allow us also to encourage audiences to consider the services of the brand and become potential clients.
  • Through experimentation and optimization of digital paid advertising we will be able to identify value insights that can contribute to the campaigns and business.

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