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Starting point

Diagnostic learning

  • Value Moments

Consumers want brands to be present at the moments of consumption: accompaniment and supply.

  • Digital is not just about social networks

The digital efforts of brands should not be focused only on creating content on social networks with a thought of reaching more people or generating communities. People are interacting less and less with brands.

  • The war of digital assets

Just because you are present in the largest number of digital assets does not mean you are adding value to your users. The key is to find efficiency in the ecosystem and not the creation of it.

  • Not all trends are for brands

We must learn to identify in which contexts the brand has the ability to contribute to the conversation, without being seen as opportunistic.

  • Join the customer’s journey, don’t make up a new one

Brands should look to release the tensions in the consumer journey and not make it more difficult. This means really thinking first in the user before the brand.

  • Be sure we know who we are talking to

Understanding the consumer should be a priority for brands, it is not about generalizing or taking for granted behaviors that do not necessarily respond to our real user.

Observing without biases is the best exercise to know our consumer.

Flavors Strategy

Strategic thinking


Being present at consumption moments

 What for?

Gain relevance in the category