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Results presentation

  1. Instagram community growth
  2. Positioning of places in Google My Business
  3. Facebook community growth
  4. Growth of web page sessions through Facebook
  5. Response time reduction (SAC)


With the following success stories, we were able to increase our brand positioning in the retail market, thus increasing our followers, our customer service and improving their experience with our products.


  • We noticed that our growth has been notorious, we went from 14.235 followers in March to 19,016 in June. 
  • We achieved a growth of 4,781 followers, which represents 33.5%. 
  • Our highest peaks of followers were between the 25th and 31st of each month. 

*Positioning of places in Google


  • We identified that recommendations and positive ratings increased in Easy’s places in Google since April.
  • We have 8 places published on Google, where people can tag us when they visit our stores.  
  • We can use the places to publish content of products available in each store for people to crave and thus generate physical traffic. 

*Growth of sessions in web page


  • We witnessed three peaks in terms of sessions performed on our website, these are: April 21, May 19 and June 9, we increased our sessions by 28%.  
  • We noticed that our peaks are maintained during the month, making it clear that our web traffic objective was met. 
  • Our highest peak of sessions was 10,259 sessions. 

*Best Customer Service


  • We have increased the response rate of our Facebook social network by 23%.
  • We have managed to make people who have problems with our products feel more confident when they express their dissatisfaction through social networks, since they receive an immediate response. 

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