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What did we do?

For Infometrix we developed a pillar content, it is the most important educational content on a website and works with the keyword closest to the company and its objectives. As a consequence, it is very important to rank it in the top positions in Google.

  • In Infometrix we accompany the digital transformation processes of your company.

  • “Learn about our knowledge transfer methodology”

  • “We adapt ourselves to the needs of each client, using different methodologies and turning advanced analytics into flexible, understandable and actionable solutions.”


UX Writing | Example

We are the strategic ally of your organization, we provide actionable solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning, together with our multidisciplinary team with experience in the implementation of advanced analytics projects in the mass consumption and retail industries. We have a consumer centered vision, crossing data of various sources to determine the chance of leakage, the value of LTV clients, NBO models, Cross-Selling and Upselling, we also have the support of large companies in the CPG, Retail and Telcos industries, who have trusted us their most significant asset: their information, which we have transformed into actionable solutions and correct decisions. 

Web development

Phase 1: Debriefing

“Centralization of the information of the brand and web work. Scope of the project, execution of commercial activity transformation, collection of information for all the executable to be delivered.”

  • Brief delivered by client

  • SEO migration review

  • Heuristic analysis of contents

  • Review of brand manual to development graph

  • Basic UXW analysis

  • Analytics analysis

  • Benchmarking service competitors

  • Benchmarking

  • Automation platforms

  • Planimetry and taxonomy.

  • Review of data security protocol

  • Audience archetype and user buyer persona construction

  • Technology definition

  • Agree on weekly derivables

  • Service level agreement

Phase 2: Design
User Experience. Basically, it is how a person feels when using any product or digital service your company offers.

  • Development of text identity for the best brand communication and cta performance

  • SEO diagnosis in woorank, screaming frog

  • Creation of content strategy from UXW: objective formulation canvas, empathy map, creation of provisional personas,  story creation canvas, microcopy canvas, voice chart.

  • Information architecture

  • Wireforams

  • Mockups

  • SEO H tags

  • Prototyping

  • Basic UXW analysis

  • Site marking plan and actions over CTA

Phase 3: Contents
Web content refers to the textual, auditory or visual content published in your website or blog. Also, it encompasses any other creative element, for example, text, apps, images, email messages, data, electronic services, video or audio files, and more.

  • Keyword research elaboration.

  • Dimension of SEM Kw market.

  • Identification of words and webpage niche (Possibility of content improvement)

  • Text identity development for best brand communication and CTA performance

  • Microcopy construction: contact forms, error and confirmation messages, empty state, placeholders, buttons (CTA) 404 errors, loading times, cookies and data privacy notices.

  • AB testing and content testing.

  • Edition and style checking.

  • Accompaniment of text along with SEO strategies.

  • Creation of Mockup content.

Phase 4: Web
Methodology created to have a common language between client and supplier in the scope of a digital asset. It starts from research and in the end there is a navigable prototype in invision. Upon approval of this process, development begins.

  • Local GIT work enlistment

  • Backend Integration Planning

  • API consumption risk planning

  • Licensing review (Typographies, API, Plugins, SSL, Photographs)

  • Frontend development (Design-Layout) Component modularization

  • Responsive Platform

  • SEO considerations

  • JavaScript’s events validations

  • Resource optimization

  • Platform backend development

  • Backend: Database creation

  • Integration with automation tools

  • Validate, display and send data

  • Testing automation tools

  • Testing each interphase lighthouse

  • Test server setup (Host + Domain)

  • Infrastructure configuration

  • Integration (Domain hosting)

  • Database migration

  • Web files migration

  • Ht access creation and configuration

  • Subdomains and automation tools

  • Process refactoring

  • Content migration (video, photo, text)

  • Migration (Terms and conditions, policies and legal aspects)

  • Google tests (search consoles analytics and Data studio)

  • Approval to step production

  • Project documentation

 Execution example

Success stories