Growth Marketing for tattoo artists? Yes Sir!

At Yes Sir Agency we love tattoos (according to the latest survey, more than 60% of our team has at least one), so we decided to create this framework for artists.

With our accelerated growth methodology, we’ve helped transform advertising for almost a decade for different brands in different countries, and it was time to bring it to the US!

If you are an artist or tattoo artist, we created a framework for you to identify key elements in conversion and sales strategy.

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Why are we thinking about tattoo artists and artists?

First, as mentioned, we love tattoos. Second, during our time in New York, we had the chance to meet various artists, and if there was one thing they all had in common besides talent, it was their struggles with digital marketing.

Lack of Strategy
Without a plan, it’s tough to know what you’re aiming for and how to measure the results.

Lack of knowledge
This makes it impossible to make improvements and optimizations.

Since nothing is clear, “any action” seems to do the job.

But no more! It’s time to do things the right way with Yes Sir Agency.

Step by step of
our framework

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But… What is it used for?

 Our Personal Branding framework is a structured guide based on Growth Marketing, which maps the processes you need to consider to identify opportunities and mistakes in your conversion and sales strategies. When you implement it in your brand, you will get:


By having a clear perspective of the areas you need to improve and which ones to focus on.


Allows you to focus all efforts towards specific objectives.


Identify the workflows and activities that are essential for brand growth.


Establish key actions to help you assess progress toward goals.