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98% of companies search for their suppliers online, however, only 58% of B2B-B2C companies in Latin America have a website, and of those only 20% use them as a means of promoting their products or services.

Decision makers need to feel that they can justify spending on your product or service, that is why we need to use efficient, logical and informative communication at all times so that the customer does not have any doubts and we are above the competition.

From Yes Sir Agency we seek to propose a strategic action plan that strengthens actions in the digital environment and that contributes to the growth of the industry.


  • Purpose, values
  • Skills and innovation
  • Shared value partners


Before knowing what it means to declare income it is important to explain the concept of income tax. Income tax is a charge that individuals, whether employees or independent, must pay to the government based on their earnings, wages, commissions and other generated income during the previous year. So the income statement basically is the information that you must provide to the Directorate of National taxes and customs of Colombia (DIAN for its spanish initials) so that this entity can calculate the amount of income tax that you must pay, based on your financial situation.

The income statement is presented taking into consideration economic transactions of the previous year; that means that in 2021 your income statement will be prepared based on the movements made throughout 2020. The income statement not only includes information of interest to the DIAN, but also for you as taxpayer, as you will be able to find out about all your economic activities such as how much you earned (income), what you have (assets), how much you owe (liabilities) and how much your consumption was (expenses and costs) from january 1 to december 31, 2020.

It is important to also know that not all individuals are obliged to declare their income. Next, we will tell you why.

Customer typology background

How do I know if I have to declare income in 2021?

The DIAN establishes each tax year certain limits for the declaration of income in Colombia, related to your income, assets, purchases, consumptions, deposits and transferences in the previous year

The regulations establishes that employees who are not responsible for sales tax (VAT), whose gross income comes from at least in 80 percent (80%) of payments originated from their labor relationship, are not obliged to declared income, provided that, in relation to the 2020 taxable year, all of the following requirements that we will explain are met


Background. On what date should I file my income statement in 2021?

For the income statement of individuals in Colombia, the first thing is to take into account the tax calendar of 2021 of the DIAN. Between August 10 and October 20 of 2021, the deadlines for individuals to present their income tax of 2019 as taxable year expires.

The deadline to present the statement and pay in a single installment is due on the dates mentioned below, taking into account the last two digits of the TIN (Tax Identification Number) of the taxpayer that appears in the Single Tax Registration (RUT for its spanish initials), without considering the verification digits. It is very important to do it before the mentioned date in order to avoid possible fines

Strategic map

Our value offer lies in helping build the numbers, identify opportunities for improvement and offer solutions with allies in different fields: financial sector, pensions, prepaid medicine and others.

Providing benefits to our potential customers, to which a person by itself could not access, encouraging the digitization of users towards products/services with consumer centric tactics.


To develop a complete digital ecosystem that promotes the acquisition of leads through digital channels, by means of assertive and timely communication to prospects, highlighting Finclok as the leading brand in income statement among the customer typology using the opportunities that the global conjuncture allows to achieve the brand objectives as well as with the own brands from the customer typology and communicate purpose, sustainability and innovation.

Our objective is to build a client base equivalent to 10% of the Colombian population that declares income, (360 thousand clients) in the year 2024, that have income of more than 50 million pesos per year.

Specific objectives

  • Overall brand
    • To create an optimal digital environment that generates lead acquisition, PR and purpose development.
  • Own brands
    • To execute an inbound communication of acquisition and maintenance of prospects and customer retention in digital environments.
  • Audiences
    • To create, execute and develop communication with which audiences
  • Market
    • To Map the digital market and the decision makers so that communication is not massive, but niche
  • Communication
    • To create value communication for audiences about specific innovation workshops and commercial chef consultancies
  • Purpose
    • Execute value communication with our clients regarding our purpose.


By understanding that the income statement is the first step to access the world of Finclok, and this being one full of possibilities and opportunities to ensure quality of life through good financial decisions…

How to invite people to file their Income Statement with us, and at the same time make it clear that we are more than the Income Statement?

I declare the best

  • 1. Manifest, make public.
  • 2. Said of someone who has authority to do so: Express a decision about the state or condition of someone or something. The Government declares the estate of emergency.

          The judge declared him guilty

  • 3. pronominal. Express mood, intention or affection.
  • 4. pronominal. Said of one thing: Manifest or start to notice your action.

An epidemic was declared, a fire.

  • 5. pronominal. Said of a lover: Show love to a loved one.

Deciding on our future and taking control of our lives comes enclosed in the concept of declaring.

By declaring something we make it official, we set in stone our determination.

I declare the best…

  • For my life
  • For my business
  • For my dreams
  • For my family
  • For my projects
  • etc…





Target audience information

  • External: Age between 25 and 55 years.
  • Gender: Men, women and diverse gender.
  • Socioeconomic status: From strata 3 to 6. (360 million clients in the year 2024, who have an income of more than 50 million pesos per year.)
  • Profile: Interest in technology, ambition for opportunities for economic progress, solutions that provide peace of mind, build security and control over future well-being – Need to declare income.
  • Human capital: FinClok employees and suppliers – our team of partners.


  • Generate a value proposition from the digital ecosystem in the different audiences.
  • Achieve growth and interaction in selected audiences, adapting to new trends and consumer habits.
  • Develop a communication that connects the business with topics of interest.
  • Develop an attractive communication strategy that manages to generate the desired traffic and position the brand as a digital asset for the acquisition of new clients.
  • Position under an exact and broad match the product, service and brand for a consultative sale.


  • Generate disruptive, educational and innovative content to differentiate yourself from the competition and the category, generating value connections with the company. 
  • Use search engine data to create content taking into account used keywords.
  • Innovate in more indulgent and educational content formats.
  • Take into account the consumer trends to highlight true value.

KPI digital business model


  1. Audience mapping
  2. Cost per engagement
  3. Prospection journey
  4. Cost per lead
  5. CAC
  • Cross selling
  • up selling
  • Customer LTV
  • Customer Journey CX

Business hacking tech


  1. Tools Discovery
  2. Technological process unification towards lead systematization.
  3. Executing the pain points for digital closing.
  4. Platform interconnection to integrate clients with billing.
  5. Issue invoice 1.
  6. Cross selling mapping with products.
  7. Mapping upselling with products.
  8. Execute type a client lifetime.
  9. Customer intertwining to improve sale.

Tactical map

Conversion Funnel

Client Roadmap

  1. First contact.
  2. Understanding of needs.
  3. Sending samples.
  4. Quotation.
  5. Negotiation.
  6. Customer approval
  7. Order.
  8. After Sales.
  1. First contact/ Individual prospection. / Companies. / Decision makers. / Exact match content.
  2. Understanding of needs/ Generate brand speech according to clients. / Broad match content. / NEED.
  3. Sending samples/ automation flow. / Product content.
  4. Quotation/ Product web wallet. / Conversion flow.
  • Negotiation/ Product web wallet. / Conversion flow.
  1. Client approval/ Welcome flow.
  2. Order/ Customer maintenance flow and networks.
  3. Aftersales/ Customer maintenance flow and networks.



We develop strategic concepts to disseminate and empower brands in the digital community, defining and achieving clear objectives and measurable results. We create strategies to help our clients to achieve their business and sales objectives, generating content and digital experiences that strengthen audiences and increase the online reputation of the brand.

Learning and discovery

Connecting with our community through value content that educates about the importance of this type of project.

Consideration of solution 

Deepen the relationship with our potential clients through the value offer: what makes us different as allies.

Relation and decision 

Keep nurturing the relationship with our clients highlighting the benefits of having NetData as their ally.

Social Media

Generate empathy from value information with client, developing topic pillars from the audience matrix, business lines and products that emit messages, CTA and actions that we want from users

Develop a specific strategy for customer service in networks (Facebook and Twitter). This cannot be the same that has been designed for a call center, because we are dealing with different formats.

Types of content


What, How, When, Where, what for and Why, brand values and exact information, directions and tactics execution.


Introduce the processes by which the brand is the best, show the use of the product and execute solutions with it.


All the anniversaries of the brand that seek acquisition and retention of users built from empathy that transcend the conventional formats.


Introduce the processes by which the brand is the best, show the use of the product and execute solutions with it.


Create a zone for branded content, purpose and alignment with what we do.


Content based on the brand purpose, most important campaigns or actions to highlight from the empathy that shows the center of communication.

Content formats

Expert Spokesperson

Database parameterization

Buzz Monitoring

We perform active listening studies in different digital tools to study the consumer conversations, identify relevant insights to be implemented in digital strategic tactics and product/business model development. 



Paid media accelerated growth strategy with brand focus, performance focus and a conversion funnel applied to business KPI.


  • Extend the reach and brand recognition in the target audiences during the campaign period. 
  • Build and identify custom audiences from different touch points of the brand with paid media to build in-depth audience strategies.
  • Increase the potential client registration volume from the different media of the brand during the campaign period.

What do we do?

Our performance methodology is based on four fundamental pillars that are fed cyclically, turning our way of working into a constant testing, analysis, evaluation and monitoring process of the advertising efforts in favor of the objectives and KPIs of our clients.

Media plan

Construction of an internal analysis of the digital media and objectives, as well as an analysis of the paid media channels, to generate the paid media strategy.


Construction and implementation of the different campaigns according to brand and objective

Analysis and optimization

Review and optimization of campaigns in different platforms day by day, constant search for opportunities from brand platforms.

Monitoring and control

Analysis of results and value insights that help us make specific decisions for the optimization of campaigns in different platforms.

Tactics by funnel

Audience tactics

Audience flow

It consists of the technique of identifying the type of audience that should be used at different stages of the funnel, from interest audiences, similar audiences and personalized audiences.

Audience layers

It consists of the technique of narrowing down the audiences according to their behavior to avoid overlapping and/or impacting the same audiences at different times.

Remarketing by steps

It consists of the technique of taking the potential user through the different stages of the conversion funnel, until the final stage of conversion.

*We clarify that in addition to the captured audiences on our side, it would also be ideal and the best way to complement the strategy to be able to use the audiences captured in previous campaigns, with that we improve the impact of the campaigns with the global audience of the brand.

Social Ads | FB+IG – Audiences

From Social Ads we will reach audiences identified in the platform in the target age ranges seeking for them to interact with the brand and generate qualified records according to the previously established audiences.

*Estimated audience size that is eligible to see your ads. It is based on targeting criteria, ad placement and the number of people who were shown ads across apps and Facebook services in the last 30 days. This number is not an estimate of the number of people who will actually see your ad and can change over time.

Social Ads | FB+IG – Audiences

Specialized audience projection according to specific public interests, based in the target market. The target audience was segmented in people interested in the management of projects, financial stability and corporate accounting.

Google Ads | YouTube + Google Display Network – Awareness

From Google Ads | YT y GDN we will reach out to users with interests related to the category, placements generating brand recall and traffic to the website or landing page to register potential clients.

Google Ads | SEM (Search engines/Search) | Consideration

The story continues

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