What are the behaviors that leaders have in agile digital transformations?

  1. Is your behavior aligned with your vision?  ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

When we align our actions with the vision we have it enables empowerment. To do this, you must determine your vision and why, and then let your vision run wild.

  1. Do you care about being in constant learning? ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

Continuous learning allows you to find new ideas to renew and act on them, which in turn generates feedback for improvement.

  1. Are you only concerned with meeting your objectives? ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

 The goals and objectives of the organization must prevail over the objectives of individuals, so you must act as a team and understand that the company is a system that needs all its components to achieve these goals.

  1. Do you feel that you contribute to other teams that are not part of your division? ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

Helping other teams in the company allows for a mutual understanding within the organization, that is to say, it becomes a successful unit. Keep in mind that no request is too small.

  1. Do you have prejudices about the process step by step?  ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

It is essential to understand that in order to execute you must plan, going straight to action delays the processes if you do not have a previous planning.

  1. Is your main concern to show results?  ALWAYS/ FREQUENTLY/ SOMETIMES/ SELDOM/ NEVER

Having an outcome-oriented vision does not allow you to have clarity about what the customer really needs, in some cases the improvements occur during the processes and not necessarily at the end of them.

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