Reasons why employees/collaborators are the most important asset in organizations

It is important to understand that an organization works as a system where each piece is vital for its operation. We must understand our company as a unit with different components that provide very specific characteristics, these components are our employees.

  1. Experience: The workers that are part of your team, are there for their knowledge and skills; but there is a “plus” in the daily exercise of their tasks and it is the experience acquired within the organization. Your operators adapt to the way your business works and are very specific to the tasks they perform. That’s why it can be more expensive to hire new staff members later on, in terms of time and money. Even if they have the necessary skills, it takes time for them to adapt to the institution’s policies and internal operations. This can lead to unnecessary mistakes or extra training. 
  1. Knowledge transfer: Members who have been in your team for a long time are the ones who have a deep understanding of the company’s weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, they are able to pass on the necessary knowledge when additional workers need to be hired. They can teach in a more punctual and precise way the practical skills that are required on a day-to-day basis. In addition, when we assign this type of tasks to our employees it makes them feel valued as their experience makes them shine. 
  1. Direct contact with the customer: No doubt, our collaborators are the visible face of the organization, this means that they directly affect customer satisfaction. The contact with the customer allows them to really know and understand their needs first hand. For that reason, they have a high possibility of improving the user experience.
  2. They know first-hand the needs of the company: Our members are really the ones who can perceive the effects caused by decision making, new policies or guidelines, or the lack of them. Consequently, they are the ones who closely observe how you operate and discover the real needs. It is there, where the initiatives of our collaborators emerge, which can be innovative strategies and adjusted to what needs to be improved. When these initiatives are taken into account, a sense of belonging is generated.
  3. Sense of belonging: Given that our staff usually have suggestions, ideas and initiatives to share in order to improve the business, it is important to understand that these are usually aligned with the enterprise’s productivity objectives. That is why the feedback we may receive, must be to make their work easier, faster or more efficient, which allows them to be more productive, but in a similar way allows you to have a successful development. So, it is vital to encourage them to feel part of the organization as this strengthens us from the base and makes us unique. 

To conclude, we can ask ourselves then, how do our workers feel on a day-to-day basis within the business? Do we give visibility to their initiatives and all those quantitative skills? Do they feel that their employees have a s

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