Personal Brand: a fundamental element for B2B strategies

 If your business objective is to create alliances with other businesses of your sector, you need a B2B communication leveraged from a personal brand that reflects your knowledge.

When you start to develop a digital marketing strategy it is very common that businessmen have in their imagination that they must focus their communication exclusively to clients, leaving aside the opportunities that a communication directed towards other businesses who can work as business partners can bring.

For example, if you have an insurance company and start to commercialize a new insurance for businesses, you cannot communicate it in the same way you do it when selling a Mandatory Traffic Accident Third-Party Liability Insurance (SOAT, by its spanish acronym). It is a different public, one that expects a more professional level because they need to trust you, not only as a business; also as a person.

So, how do you make B2B communication effective? As well as tactics such as company presence in LinkedIn or a perfectly executed web page, you need to have a structured personal brand in such a way that you become your business spokesperson.

By this I do not mean that you need to become an influencer that uploads stories or tiktoks revealing your life everyday; you need to start to project yourself as an expert in your industry, a knowledgeable expert of its own environment.

When the community sees that behind a brand there is a person, it is easier for them to trust in creating alliances to execute projects, because in addition to creating closeness, you are proving that as CEO, manager or owner, you have the knowledge to manage your business.

Although it is fundamental that the B2B communication structure is leveraged with the personal brand of a C-level (high level executive such as a CEO, manager or leader), it is a plan that represents quite a few challenges because in many cases this persons do not want to be exposed to the public due to security reasons or even trust in themselves.

You can have the best advertising agency working for your business, but for us as editors, writers, publicists and communicators, it is complex to speak a technical language in an expert way and transmit the personality of the business to a corporate language.

Who is the best person to speak about your business? its own owner. For example, let’s see the case of Apple: when Steve Jobs still lived, he was the best influencer for his brand; his way of speaking to the public, of transmitting what is innovative about Apple, and even of dressing became a reference of how much a personal brand contributes to a company.

Steve Jobs did not stand out for his physique; even his way of dressing became known for being very simple. But the passion that he transmitted when talking about each product and the authenticity of his being made Apple become a brand object of desire.

And that is precisely the point I want to get to: when your personal brand is developed from the authenticity, originality and fidelity to your ideals, it makes the world perceive you as a person in which they can deposit their trust, because it is an expert in its own industry.

Three advices to strengthen your personal brand

Developing your personal brand can be a pretty big challenge, because it is not easy for everyone to express their ideas, go on camera or speak in a podcast; but if you have an expanding business, they are challenges you must overcome.

A B2B communication needs the talent and knowledge of the C-Level to explain that the company is based on experienced and knowledgeable persons; So I will leave three advice that will help you to defeat personal brand myths.

  • Do not give so much importance to the physique

All of us have aspects of our physique that makes us insecure; it can be your weight, height, hair or absence of it. But in a B2B communication, your physique fades into the background, because really what other executives see is the content that you are transmitting with your words.

Also, you can trust in the team with which you develop video contents; they will be in charge of making you look good, you only need to transmit the ample knowledge that you have in your head.

  • Discipline is key to success

You do not need a pretty face to make a good video, nor a voice of an announcer for an incredible podcast. What you really need is to communicate actions that give strength to your business.

By developing contents for your personal brand, whichever is the format, you must do it in a disciplined way; that is, with a consistency that can be anchored with your business.

  • Dense content: the next level of communication.

Yes, a podcast or a video about your business are very eye-catching and allow a development of your personal brand focused on your personality. But you can project a level of communication under whitepapers, ebooks, editorial texts that reinforce the communication structure.

These formats, as well as working as a way to express your knowledge, allow your advertising team to get a context of what the communication linears should be. If you have a talent for writing, take advantage of it by redacting about what you are passionate about.

Follow this advice to give your personal brand a boost and, in consequence, boost your business. Provide content of value and start to build a reputation that positions you as an expert in your industry, so that in this way not only sales reflect your success, but your knowledge is also part of it.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Personal Brand
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