¿How to perform quality control in a digital assets delivery?

The best way to know if your agency or digital marketing team is doing a good job is reviewing through a magnifying glass each digital asset. Come and learn in which aspects you must focus to analyze each one.

It is true that the best option to perform a digital marketing strategy is by leaving it in the hands of an expert team on the matter, but that does not mean to detach from the process and pray that you took a good decision when choosing your digital agency.

It is the responsibility of the agency or team to perform periodical deliveries that reflect what is being done and what is the impact it is having; to understand each result that is being shown to you and be able to analyze it, you must perform an excellent quality control over the digital assets and the processes that you are being shown.

It is your responsibility as manager, leader, or even account executive to carry out an exhaustive review of the digital assets; which is why I am going to explain how to perform this QA for websites, social media, content and communication structure and the compliance of the strategy.

Quality Control for the website

Your website is one the most important digital assets, because in addition to being the exclusive space to introduce your product or service, it gives credibility to your business.

When performing a QA over these it is important to take into account three aspects:

  • SEO or Organic Positioning: In order for your website to be positioned in the first places of the search engines it must have certain requisites such as metadata, H structure, alt attributes, among many others.

When fulfilling these characteristics, the SEO tools will give the website a score that goes from 1 to 100. It is ideal that your business website has an SEO score higher than 60-70 points in order to consider that it can have a good organic positioning.

  • Loading speeds: There is nothing more annoying for the user than a slow website. That is why it is ideal that you track in Google Speed Test the loading speed of your website, because it should be lower than 3 seconds.
  • UX/UI Design: This aspect can be qualitative but it should also be quantitative. It is necessary that your website has good usability, has a developed 404 page, that its security policy and data processing can be accessed, among other aspects that allow the user to have a good experience.

And how do I perform a social media QA? 

Performing a social media quality control can seem extremely tedious, because normally businesses have a profile in each of the platforms, or at least in the most important ones currently: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

But it is not necessary to spend hours reviewing content by content; you must focus your analysis on four factors: The first one is to verify that followers acquired are not purchased bots; this can be known in Ninja Analytics, which provides information on your account followers.

In second place is the Engagement Rate, this rate which allows us to know if the message is having an impact on the community through likes, comments, shares and saves. An adequate Engagement rate should be higher than 1%.

The third one is the structure of the profile description in each platform: it must always redirect to the website, and if possible, have a whatsapp button to which people can communicate; these two pieces of data make the profile seem more trustworthy.

And the last one, partly, depends on you. You must make sure that your business profile interacts with other accounts, that it answers to the comments and seems more human and approachable.

It is fundamental that you review your digital assets (website and social media) under a Data Studio or reviewing dashboard that allows you to access all metrics from a single place. It is a necessary tool in order for, as manager, leader or account executive, to centralize the information and optimize the analysis time of results.

Quality control for content

The communication structure and the content shared by your business on digital spheres should be based on two aspects that you cannot fail to take into account: the archetype and communication pillars.

In the first place, having a clear archetype allows you to understand what type of personality your business has. Here we enter to analyze Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes; is your business governor? Explorer? Lover? Whichever your archetype is, it dictaminates and structures the communication, tone and content.

On the other hand, communication pillars avoid that your brand falls in the game of always talking about the same thing: price, product, place, promotion and indexation. A business whose only communication is saying that it has discounts or that you can buy online will not create connection nor create community.

The content, in addition to talking about the product, must be current (talk about special or commercial dates), educational (provide value to the user), branded (unique business expression and identity), among other lines that allow to humanize the brand through communication.

The compliance of the strategy: fundamental for QA.

I have talked many times about the importance of the strategy, its development, and above all, its compliance because:

This whole plan that is executed based on a general objective is the strategy and must be complied with more rigor than the tactics, as these can be adjusted along the way to have a positive effect.

When the KPIs of a tactic are complied with, the OKRs are achieved and when this happens the strategy is fulfilled.

Within the benefits of performing an in-depth quality control you can find that you will have a website with optimal conditions and good organic positioning, coherent ads and good results, a positive engagement on social media and a humanized brand from the narrative.

Thanks to these, your business will look good before the digital community, and this is not only good because of ego; it is because the recognition and sales grow when you have an strengthened digital reputation that creates trust and credibility.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
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