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Influencers on LinkedIn: an invaluable tool for your brand reputation

What is the first thing that goes through your mind when they speak to you about influencers? If for you they are only people who recommend video games or skincare products, you are missing a valuable tool in digital marketing.

Influencers are as diverse as the current market: they do not only exist in the world of fashion and entertainment, there are also content creators who are dedicated to covering topics of economy, health and even politics

It is very common to have the concept that being an influencer means to be on TikTok and Instagram doing dances and trends whose sole objective is entertaining; but for example, in social networks like LinkedIn there are also influencers, who give each company a significant improvement in its brand reputation.

But, Where to find brand ambassadors on LinkedIn? The answer is completely simple: within your company, your employees are the best influencer you can get.


Why have influencers on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is a platform that all the companies should be on, but not with the objective of getting likes or followers, but with the goal of having a brand reputation that allows to create alliances, get contacts, find talent and generate corporate growth.

But, how is the reputation of a brand analyzed? There are different factors to take into account: from its economical results and commercial offer, to the talent it has and its organizational culture.

And it is in these last two factors that having influencers on LinkedIn can give you a competitive advantage since, according to HBR numbers, 92% of people trust more in recommendations of other people rather than those of companies, even if they come from a multinational.

The objective behind LinkedIn influencers is to generate trust in the community by making the objectives, culture, work and talent of the company visible through the profiles of its employees, who, by being positioned as experts on a topic, can be taken as voices of authority.


Your employees are your best brand ambassadors.

If Amazon releases a statement talking about how it has implemented logistics strategies for its proper functioning, it is likely that you think that it is a strategy for its recognition and believe little in this news.

But if, on the contrary, Jeff Bezos is the one that publishes this statement it will have a greater impact on the community: an expert and creator of a giant corporation is telling you how he has developed his logistics model.

Do you understand the difference? When a company congratulates itself for its achievements, it does not connect with people; while, if an employee publishes on his profile how proud he feels of the work he does for his company, he is going to achieve a greater impact on the community.

And you do not need to have the fame or money of Bezos to generate influence in LinkedIn, an optimized profile, strategically thought content and a knowledge of the platform will achieve that your employees position themselves as expert spokespersons.

For this reason we affirm that your employees are your best brand ambassadors: Who better than an employee of your company to spread the good news about it?


Yes Sir School of Leaders

Keeping in mind the importance of a tool like influencers on LinkedIn, from Yes Sir we decided to create a school of leaders, through which we can take the profile of an executive and position him as an expert that generates a good reputation for the company.

How do we do this? When a company approaches us with this objective, we begin to work on a expert spokesperson strategy divided in four main phases:

During the first phase, we work jointly with the company to review information such as profiles and followers, as well as in analyzing the possible community it has. We take this information to study it and understand the good practices and improvement opportunities that the company can take.

In the second phase we develop a digital strategic approach, in which we define the roles of each profile, the voice and tone, type of content and all the tactics corresponding to the content that will be shared through the profiles of the next expert spokespersons.

Phases three and four consist in the implementation of the different tactics and the explanation of how they must be executed effectively; as well as in the creation of a Gantt in which the execution times of the created strategy are detailed.

But since it is a School of Leaders, we do not only design the expert spokesperson strategy; we are also responsible for transmitting this knowledge to companies through some sessions in which they can acquire the knowledge in:


  • Personal Branding and profile analysis for LinkedIn
  • Community and field of influence
  • Creation of value content
  • Positioning as experts


Through these sessions, company employees learn skills that will not only be useful for the company; but also for their professional life, since by positioning themselves as experts they will have more visibility and better reputation in the market in which they develop.

Would you like to learn to enhance your LinkedIn profile to turn yourself into an expert spokesperson? Get ready, because we are going to explain everything you need to know about this topic and how to apply it to your personal brand.


Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
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