How to structure your business social networks in 2023?

Forget everything you knew about social networks: in 2023 the way of communicating through these digital channels changed radically, come learn how to construct and impact your audience.

If we ask you which is currently the most important social network, What would you answer? If the idea that it is Facebook is still around your head, you need to update everything you know urgently.

And it is that the general picture of social networks has changed a lot in the last years: each day the different platforms have new features, different algorithms, and even the birth and growing popularity of TikTok has made the most recognized networks such as Instagram tremble.

Social Networks are definitely not handled in the same way as they were in previous years: before it was very common that the communication strategy of a business had two main channels; Facebook and Instagram. But Facebook, although it laid the foundation of what we know today, is tending to be forgotten.

Another big mistake that was – and is still is – very common, is the replication of content: in many digital marketing strategies it was common to see that, in order to save time and effort, the same content was published in different social networks. This, although it is a way of simplifying things, does not represent a coherent strategy as it should always be taken into account that each platform has a completely different language.

But if these practices are no longer what we should do, then, What is the right thing to do? I am going to give you some advice so that in 2023 your social networks correctly communicate the history of your company and generate growth that is not measured in likes but in income.


TikTok: A possible new king of social networks?

In 2022 TikTok was the second social network with the most growth in downloads on a global level, revealing that the popularity of this platform keeps increasing year by year.

The acceptance of TikTok in the digital sphere is due to the fact that it provides users with entertaining content and according to their tastes, allowing them to be “hooked” more easily.

And although it is generally believed that this social network is for young people and that it does not generate good conversion rates, it has been shown that there is a large adult community in the platform and that a good communication strategy allows to generate as much conversion as in Instagram or any other social network.

That is why, if you are a business that is looking for recognition and positioning your brand, it is ideal that you consider creating a content strategy specifically for TikTok, as currently it is like the hip place where everyone wants to be.

But, how to execute a coherent content strategy in TikTok? This platform works in a completely different way than the others, as even if you execute the plan and have followers, your content is not going to reach only your audience.

The content on TikTok goes further and reaches persons with similar interests to the subjects you are talking about. If you are a user of the platform, you know that if you watch a video of how to clean white tennis shoes, for example, a lot of content with the same theme is going to be shown while you keep scrolling.

This is the correct way of doing content on TikTok: focusing on a specific subject. You can execute the communication structures that you already know, but the tactic that will make you grow consists of pigeonholing on a specific subject and structuring the whole plan from there.


Create a communication plan focused on B2C

We have already talked about the importance of structuring a different communication plan for B2C and for B2B, as both audiences have very different communication channels and interests; separating these two is essential for your digital marketing strategy to develop properly.

Currently, a social network strategy for B2C must be based in two main channels: Instagram and TikTok. Why these two social networks? First, because as we mentioned before, Facebook is dying. And secondly, these two platforms are preferred by people: a Hootsuite study showed that 40% of people prefer to look for new restaurants on these social networks than on Maps or the Google search engine.

The ideal channels to develop a content strategy focused on impacting the consumer are Instagram and TikTok and an independent communication should be structured for each one.

For example, on Instagram priority is given to reels and carousels, which are perfect to give the audience lasting value content that stays in the feed, while on the stories, content can be focused on price, product, place and promotion; which turns into a value content for 24 hours.

In TikTok, recently and in order to compete with BeReal, TikTok Now was launched to the public, which allows you to capture what you are doing at a certain time of the day. In this case, you can also communicate there aspects related to information about your service or product.


In which channel to develop a strategy for B2B?

When your objective is to impact other organizations, the ideal channel that you should use is LinkedIn, because from there you can connect in the best way with the target audience for this goal.

It is essential that just as you develop different tactics on each platform, you do so too in LinkedIn. The content on this social network is very different, and if, for example, you use Instagram images here, it is not going to have the best result.

The content for LinkedIn must be structured on ebooks, papers, webinars and other downloadable formats that give depth to each subject and develop a brand strategy.

Along with this type of content it is ideal that you structure an automation model with the purpose of creating a real community, that is, one where you have people data. by doing this you will achieve a logical context for your communication model, and in this way, you can meet your acquisition and retention objectives.

One last very important piece of advice is that, regardless of the channel, your communication should be focused on giving the audience arguments that show your service or product as a hero. Focus your communication strategy thinking about the needs of the user and how your business provides an empathetic solution.

This includes contributing or entertaining with each content and avoiding giving the user useless communication. If you are going to use your feed, do it for really important subjects that position your brand, and if you continue using tactics that you learned 5 years ago, do not continue using them.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
social networks
Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
Manuela Villegas
social networks
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