Yes Sir Agency: Advertising with a scientific approach

Each advertising agency in the industry has different ways to execute their processes, of designing strategies and give their clients the satisfaction of a work that allows them to reach their objectives.

There are many methods for advertising and they are defined depending on the process, the approach you want to take, the type of company you are going to work for and a long etcetera of conditions; in Yes Sir Agency we have been clear from the beginning that the approach towards which we want to direct each strategy we develop is scientific; which allows us to open our way towards experimentation in a safe way with the purpose of finding innovative ways of working.

¿How is scientific advertising applied in Yes Sir Agency?

Scientific Advertising is one of the pillars under which the work of Yes Sir Agency is based, because under this advertising approach we make sure to play with experimentation and test new methods from the safest side, keeping losses of failed ads to a minimum, while we multiply the profits of those ads that are profitable.

For us, experimentation is key as it allows us to break paradigms or reach innovative methods; but although we embrace risks, we do so with caution. Behind each idea, no matter how crazy it may seem, there is great prior work: from a deep investigation of the audience of the audience we are going to address, to a broad understanding of the industry in which we are working.

Yes, we let our creativity fly, but we use data and analytics to direct it in a coherent way. This allows us to understand what type of tactics work best for the specific needs of each company that works with us, helping reduce losses when a strategy does not perform as we expect.

It happens to all of us: we can have a great idea, develop it thoroughly, understand the whole context to execute it in the best way and still not be successful. The secret to facing this type of situation is to document each part of the process to, subsequently analyze and understand in which part of the project we can make an adjustment that allows us to reach the goal we have set.

Even  if we use a scientific approach, part of the experimentation is to keep ourselves open to failure; and this is what makes us different: when something does not develop as we expect it to, we do not stay crying about the mistake. We analyze it, understand it, document it and use it as motivation to find a different approach that allows us to get where we want.

The Growth Marketing principles of Yes Sir Agency

Each of the strategies that we develop at Yes Sir, is based on the principles of  Growth Marketing, since we incorporate different marketing techniques in order to carry out experiments that provide optimal results at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

By doing this, we put the buyer persona at the center of the strategy, and after a deep analysis of it, we create tactics applicable to each stage of the consumption funnel, thanks to this we can impact the consumer with the right message at the right time.

In addition to developing an investigation of the buyer persona as a preliminary phase, our strategies consist of three phases: experimentation, retention and scalability.  In the experimentation we develop a hypothesis as a starting point, here we mix creativity, innovation and above all analysis, since no tactic is carried out at random.

In the retention phase, we are responsible for understanding the user and knowing how to communicate with them depending on the phase they are in. Thanks to this we can ensure that the buyer persona becomes a customer and subsequently becomes loyal to the brand.

Finally, in the scalability phase, we seek to multiply the income of the company without increasing too much the investment and we achieve this through the ability of adaptation that we create thanks to the understanding of the client, the context and the market 

Growth marketing and Scientific Advertising have allowed us to achieve great goals through our more than eight years of experience in the advertising industry, as our clients have reached their objectives thanks to strategies based on these approaches that allow us to say to success ¡Yes Sir!

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
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