Making a difference: a necessary challenge for business in the market today

In a market as large as the current one, many companies aim to make a difference, but they are unaware of the challenges it entails; know what they are to take them into consideration.

Why is it important to talk about being different when you have an enterprise? because the current market size demands us to be so to stand out among the number of new companies that are created; for example, in Colombia, during 2021, 300.000 companies were created, proposing a challenge for emerging businesses.

It is true that according to the industry in which a company operates there are certain communication structures that ensure satisfaction among the community: color palettes, communication tones, similar aesthetics, which are designed to “fit in”.

For example, visit the websites of some luxury fashion brands, many of them use the same minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic, a similar language, outstanding experience and customer service, among other characteristics that allow them to meet the needs of their target audience.

This homogeneity phenomenon is known as the consensus paradox: companies in a certain industry communicate if a specific way, because it has been proven that it works to please the target audience, but at the same time they are mixing among all the companies without having a differential factor that facilitates exponential and organic growth.

And although the ideal is to be different so as not to follow market trends, but to create them; it is necessary to understand that when you get out of the paradox you have a quite strong emotional charge, because although many people are going to love you for your differences, many are also going to criticize you

If you are willing to face criticism, then you must implement a contrast strategy that allows you to achieve your objective of making a difference in your development industry, but how to develop it in a coherent way? I am going to explain five aspects that you need to take into account.

How are you going to differentiate yourself?

There are several ways to make a difference for a business;  you must know your market and your company understand what differentiates you. Do you have a unique product? An ultra-close way of communication? Out of this world designs? Find that factor that you wish to exploit and use it to your advantage, whether it is your graphic concept, digital assets or disruptive communication. 

A clear theoretical basis

Now, something you must be very clear about is that if your are going to be radically different, you must be able to explain why you are so. A rebel without a cause is not valid when we talk about businesses.

Carry out investigative work that allows you to have concepts with which to support why your brand is different from the rest, have a context so impressive that it allows you to implement a new concept.

A perfect customer service

When you dare to be different you need to have completely determined customer service processes,  in that way people will always have a high level of satisfaction when interacting with your company.

Why is customer service so important? because they are choosing to follow you instead of criticizing you, because they are your community and you should answer well to their needs; but more than anything because if you are different you need to demand yourself and reach standards that allow you to be recognized for doing things in an unconventional but well developed way.

Stay true to your originality 

Yes, I say it again: many people are going to criticize you. But it is there where you must defend your ideals, use your theoretical support and continue doing things your way. You cannot let criticism change your thinking, your graphic concept or your way of communication; by staying true to yourself, you are telling the world that you trust what you do.

A team full of creativity

Last but not least is having a team that has the skills to carry out your disruptive ideas; not only do you need designers who can develop a different graphic concept, you also need a copy, editors and community managers who are lively enough to understand the message you want to convey.

In addition, you must have strategists who reach appropriate tactics based on market research, benchmarking and analysis of the context in which your business is developed.

Remember that any company has the ability to dare to be different; you just need to be aware of the extra efforts involved in breaking the paradox.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
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