With which CRM platforms can I start to automate my business?

To integrate automation to your digital marketing strategy, you can use the tools offered by the market. I explain how two of the most important ones work.

Although each day technological advances represent new challenges, they also involve new tools designed to make it easier for companies to execute each of their strategies.

When talking about automation in digital marketing we can find a methodology in which different specialized softwares are in charge of simplifying processes within a strategy.

What processes are we specifically talking about? Automation allows to mechanize customer segmentation, sending mass communication or the management of campaigns to make them more effective and with an impact more appropriate to the needs of the business.

By decreasing efforts performed within those tactics it is possible to execute them in a perfect way: If you have a software in charge of segmenting your audience for you, you can focus in choosing the perfect message to make your buyer persona become your customer

For all companies it is necessary to stay in contact with their customer and manage a relationship with them that allows the achievement of the objectives set. The best way to do this is through a CRM that allows to control the user interaction and carry it out in an orderly manner.

What is a CRM and why is it so important?

A CRM is a software designed to manage the way in which you relate to your customers, and although it is mostly directed to the sales industry, it is ideal to create a synergy between your automation strategy and your CRM to have greater effectiveness and not miss any business opportunities.

CRM are so important that a recent investigation of Small Biz Genius showed that companies that use these systems reached 65% of their sales quotas, compared to 22% of the companies that do not use them. 

What features does a CRM automation software have?

The main feature of a CRM is to facilitate the work of the sales team and ensure the the customer journey is coherently understood by analyzing the stage in which the user is in order to send the adequate message.

By using this type of software correctly, it is possible, for example, to personalize the e-mails sent to a lead, saving time when creating content. Additionally, a CRM allows to keep a record of the interactions that have been had with a customer in particular, making it easier to know where the lead is at.

Another of the most important features of a CRM is customer service, since by using a chatbot integrated with a CRM it is possible to understand which are the pain points for the customer in terms of service.

With what CRM tools can I start to work?

There are diverse tools within the market that allow you to manage the way in which you communicate with your customers to provide them messages in an assertive way; but among the most popular there are two that stand out for their features: Emblue and Clientify.


Emblue is a platform designed to create relationships that strengthen your business, making each communication flow personalized and customer focused.

This CRM focuses in three aspects: attraction; through the automation of e-mail campaigns and tools that increase the visibility of your promotions, conversion; by allowing you to identify the interests of your clients and reinforcer the communication with them, and finally, loyalty; by measuring  the level of satisfaction through surveys and sending messages at the right time

Among the most striking features of Emblue we can highlight:

  • E-mail marketing: allows to connect with each customer on a more personal level by tracking their activity within the website and sending them information that really interests them, as well as segmenting the database based on these interests. Additionally, the platform provides a complete report on how users interact with your communications.
  • Remarketing: Thanks to this feature you can connect deeper with your customers by sending dynamic and intelligent content with cross selling and up selling actions that allow a greater conversion.
  • Net Promoter Score: The best way to grow your business is by understanding the aspects that you need to improve, and thanks to this feature you can measure customer satisfaction through surveys about the purchase experience, the service and the products you sell. 
  • Different communication impacts: With Emblue you have the possibility to reach your customer through their favorite channel: SMS for urgent communications, push notifications with important reminders and banners to highlight important information.


With Clientify the commercial management of your company becomes something simple and easy to carry out, in addition to being the ideal tool to convert more contacts into customers thanks to its features:

  • Marketing: With Clientify it is possible to integrate the marketing strategy to organize and obtain more leads through e-mail campaigns, landings and chatbots. 
  • Sales: A striking aspect of this feature is the integrated Whatsapp for the sales team in which sales processes are controlled and can communicate through the preferred channel for a large majority of the population. 
  • Intelligence: Make smart advertising investments by capturing the right Google Ads and Facebook Ads traffic. Clientify allows you to make the best decisions thanks to a deep analysis of each process.
  • SEO: A good position in search engines and high authority in the market are essential factors for your brand to have a good reputation and attract quality leads who have a better chance of becoming customers. 
  • Social: Your digital presence matters, grow it through a solid community. Thanks to Clientify you can schedule posts and create reports on how your users interact with them, in addition to keeping an eye on the competition.

These two tools have quite complete features that impact every part of the digital marketing strategy, making the efforts made in them structured and based on intelligent decisions. 

Remember that although automation facilitates many processes, it is important that it is balanced with the human factor of your company, because although users love the ease of interacting with a bot, they also need to feel listened to by a person who is attentive of their needs and emotions.

Regardless of the CRM software that you choose for your company, you must take into account the objectives you have set and the moment in which your business is: Do you want recognition and reach new customers or do you want to retain those you already have? You should give space to both aspects, but the relevance you give to each depends on your knowledge of the business.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
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