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Digital marketing has been a necessity for all business, enterprises and personal brands for several years. If a business does not have a good online presence – whether on social networks, a website or ust Google My Business – it will be very difficult for it to succeed.

The best way to reach people and make a place for yourself among the vast market of today is knowing how we can use digital tools to impact the right people.

And although digital marketing is essential today, not the entire population knows the terminology, tactics and strategies that should be used to develop a coherent digital marketing plan.

With this need in mind Yes Madam is born: a project that seeks to democratize knowledge and being a support for people, businessmen and entrepreneurs that need to discover which patch to take regarding their digital marketing strategy

Additionally, with Yes Madam we also seek to give technicians and advertising professionals and related areas the tools for them to specialize in their role and grow in their professional career.

In Yes Sir Agency we have three fundamental pillars: research, experimentation and validated learning. Under these three we developed a bootcamp that allows people to understand how they can base their digital marketing strategy on the scientific method.

This is our methodology

Yes Madam is one of the units of Yes Sir Agency and it is focused on providing  educational products, such as bootcamps to professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen. The objective of this project is to provide each person with growth marketing  and scientific advertising bases to complement their knowledge and allow them to have a professional growth or apply their teachings to their business or venture.

The different courses of Yes Madam are designed to delve deeper in the various fields of action of digital marketing, since in this way each professional will be able to perform better in a specific area, becoming an expert in it.

Each one of the live sessions within the bootcamp is loaded with information and executable formats for a digital strategy, because we know that the best way to learn is to put it into practice. In these sessions, cases are also studied and implementation costs are analyzed with the purpose of internalizing the tactics that work and understand the budget that should be allocated for each one of these.

What can you specialize in? 

It is very common that professionals in the advertising and related industries have a sea of knowledge, with one centimeter of depth. For this reason we designed different courses that focus on specific branches of digital marketing, so that in this way, there are profiles in the market that have precise knowledge about specific topics. Among the supra specializations that Yes Madam we can find:

LinkedIn Expert spokesperson:

This course is designed to teach you to create content for personal brands and organizations according to the stages of the conversion funnel, optimizing the strategy you use on this platform, since each publication will be based on the specific needs of the project.

Marketing Automation:

Automation is much more than putting a chatbot on your website or sending a newsletter to your database. With this course we will delve into the data to understand when is the right time to convert a potential client.

Digital strategy:

This course addresses the design of a digital marketing strategy from an approach that seeks to have a global vision over what you want to achieve, covering aspects such as the product, the sale, the brand and its communication.

Digital trafficker:

Ads are an essential element within digital marketing, which is why it is necessary for those who create them to have advanced knowledge of the platforms, tactics and tools that will be helpful to achieve the goals that have been set.


Organic positioning goes beyond keywords, in this course we will be able to understand how a website or publication can be improved from different angles to allow it to reach more people organically.

Community management and content:

Content is king, which is why it must be treated properly: creating content for social media is more than using a trend in TikTok and repost it; it is necessary to understand how to apply this content in other industries and how to make them valuable to generate relations with the customers.

With Yes Madam we want to show that knowledge is the best tool for growth, in addition to attacking the need to democratize it, because we believe that by doing so, we will be able to give a “push” to those people that need it by doing what we know best: using a scientific method to test a hypothesis and develop creative ideas that come from knowledge.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
Manuela Villegas
CEO - Founder
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