How to expand the business model of your digital marketing agency?

When people generally talk about digital marketing, they tend to narrow their focus, believing there are only two paths to pursue: a social media strategy and a supplementary advertising strategy. This mindset often extends to emerging digital marketing agencies that offer only these two services.

And while it’s a good way to start, given the massiveness of these two branches, it’s crucial to understand that our work has a much broader scope, and by offering other services, smaller agencies can have greater growth opportunities.

By integrating other tactics and supra-specializations of digital marketing into your agency, you can make clients more interested in you, as they will understand that within your business model there are more paths to explore, with the possibility of generating a 360° strategy that positively impacts every digital aspect.

Let me explain how you can integrate other branches of digital marketing into the services your agency offers to make your portfolio more comprehensive, cross-cutting, and appealing to clients with broader needs than just social media and advertising. 

Content goes beyond a viral TikTok

When we talk about a content strategy, we often think of the various formats on Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and other media platforms. However, we can create a content plan that integrates other platforms as well.

For example, within your business model, you can consider creating content for YouTube, which is a format very different from videos made for social media. Additionally, there’s content for websites such as blogs, landing pages, or pillar pages.

Furthermore, content integrates with other branches of digital marketing such as automation. You need to develop emails or SMS with valuable content for your audience.

Have you thought about website content? Having a content SEO strategy can leverage a website by developing thematic content of interest that generates a higher volume of traffic.

Automation: the opportunity for one-to-one contact

Many agencies still don’t fully realize the importance and potential of developing an automation strategy, as it allows for one-to-one communication between the brand and its target audience.

This communication is based on processes that integrate CRM and slightly more complex workflows, but they enable potential customers to be impacted at the right moment with personalized messages.

Social media froma a new perspective

While all agencies work with social media, these types of strategies can evolve based on the client’s characteristics. For instance, a social media plan can be tailored towards personal branding, aiming to enhance the image of the CEO/owner/founder of a business to generate recognition and empathy towards both the individual and their company.

Additionally, you can develop an expert spokesperson strategy in which employees of a business become spokespeople for the company, communicating its structures and services on platforms like LinkedIn, fostering B2B connections.

Website Engineering

An important aspect within the digital ecosystem is websites. Users confidently seek information, leave their details, and authorize future contact. They also learn more about a company’s products and services, among other things.

Having a specialized branch to optimize websites based on SEO parameters and analyzing UX and UI to provide users with a better experience allows you to offer clients a coherent solution for developing their website.

These are just a few supra-specializations of digital marketing that agencies can incorporate to offer a comprehensive service to their clients. By implementing more tactics, agencies can achieve better touchpoints in acquisition and retention, enabling clients to not only have a higher fee but also obtain better results, thus increasing recognition for your agency.

Remember, before diving into these different branches, it’s crucial to have a specialized team with the experience and knowledge to develop tactics efficiently while considering the specific needs of each client. This way, your agency gains growth, your employees gain experience, and your clients receive service from expert professionals.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
Manuela Villegas
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