How to effectively pay advertisement in 2023?

The digital marketing world requires you to always be updated, since in short times everything can drastically change. Learn what are the new ways to pay for advertisements.

Has it happened to you that you look for something on the internet and then ads about that search do not stop appearing? For example, you search for flowers on Google and then, when you start scrolling on instagram ads start appearing about: florist, floral arrangements, specialized stores, etc. 

This happened because the way of doing paid advertisement allowed us to access more “private” information, such as the cookie device or the privacy policies, making paid advertisement something more invasive for the user.

But companies like Apple began to privilege users so that they do not receive so much advertising, causing the bombardment of paid advertisement to decrease. This, although benefits people, represents a challenge for us.

When you do paid advertising you must have an ample knowledge of your audience, but data such as the type of device, to set an example, are no longer an aspect to segment your ads.

It is for this reason why the structure of the ads must be proposed from a new perspective that adjusts to the privacy policies and the privilege before the users who are adapting the platforms.

I will explain six aspects that you must take into account for your digital paid advertising strategy to be effective and generate the results that you have planned in your objectives:

  • Use Business Manager correctly

Meta, which is formed by Facebook and Instagram, contains the highest number of users, since these two social networks are of the most used worldwide.

That is why if you work on Business Manager it is fundamental you trust the structure that it develops automatically since in its the learning stage starts to differentiate the interests over which you can define your audience.

  • Business Manager or promoted posts? 

The tools you use for your paid advertisements must be based on the objectives you have planned: are you in a recognition stage in which metrics such as followers, reach and likes are important? Use the promoted post in the platform (Either on Instagram or Facebook). If on the contrary, your objective is focused on performance it is preferable that you work with Business Manager.

Each tool works for different objectives, which is why none are bad, your use depends on their effectiveness and profitability.

  • Paid advertisement and SEO go hand in hand. 

Organic positioning and paid advertisement are two very different aspects of digital marketing, but if you want to advertise your website in Google you need to have an optimal SEO.

Why do I need this? When you pay for advertising your website must be correctly structured and be acceptable for Google, additionally you need to have a good keyword density and make use of Google Search Console.

  • The importance of SSL

The SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layers) is a security protocol designed and implemented to protect online transactions and maintain the security and privacy of the information of the users.

It is fundamental to have it on your website to verify its property and guarantee the users that the website is trustworthy and authentic, enough reasons to make it necessary within your paid advertisement strategy.

  • Bumper Ads in Youtube

Bumper ads are video ads that have a 6 seconds duration and appear before, during and after a video. They are designed to have a great reach since users cannot skip them.

When making these types of ads you must think of a communication structure that impacts and generates interest, if you are going to interrupt people, try to do it in a creative way.

  • Retargeting 

One aspect that you must know is retargeting and its correct use; when your media plan leads you to the need to implement a retargeting campaign do it using programmatics.

Additionally, you must use your media plan in function of performance in order to find the optimal CPA.

Advices from Manuela Villegas to pay advertisement in 2023

Wasting your money in digital is very easy; doing paid advertising can exceed your budget when not correctly implemented, that is, without having an structured campaign model that is supported by a solid QA.

To avoid this and so that doing paid advertising is something profitable within your digital marketing strategy I will explain some basic elements that you must take into account.

  • Give order to your paid advertisement groups with good naming and developed UTMs; this will allow you to measure the success of a campaign thanks to the data analysis you perform.
  • Structure your strategy under the 70-30 brandformance model, that is 70% of the paid advertisement will be of brand, so that people know your brand; and 30% will be of performance, with the objective of selling your product or service. This will allow you to have a value communication.
  • Do not attribute all the result of the strategy to the paid advertisement as this is only one digital marketing item.
  • Give relevance to your content strategy and the content pillars within it, since thanks to this you can show your business in the way you want your audience to perceive it.

With this advice and tactics you will be able to implement your paid advertisement strategy in an effective way and you will achieve results that adjust to your objectives; remember that in the digital world everything advances in giant steps and your must stay at the forefront so that your general strategy does not become obsolete.

Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
Paid Media Tactics
Manuela Villegas CEO Yes Sir Agency
Manuela Villegas
Manuela Villegas
Paid Media Tactics
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